Tavola è una tradizione the table is tradition

About us

The country is famous for its exceptional cuisine and celebrating shared meals. That's why the table (tavolo in Italian) is one of the most important items in every Italian's home, a place of joy, conversations and family meetings.

Combining nature with modernity and functionality, we create in your homes a place, which will favour building relationships.

Our manufactory is based on solid wood, natural elements and manual processing. We prepare tables only on request, which makes each of them unique.

In making tabletops, we use only top quality materials. This allows them to last for tens of years, preserving the memory of many generations.

Tavolo Design wants to create products that are both practical and exceptionally unique in terms of aesthetics. The innovation is glass legs, which can be filled with stone, glass shards, sand, or other material that would smoothly match the interior, for which the table is designed.

We appreciate beauty and tradition, because they only are the guarantee of a lasting style and aesthetics. That's why we want to create tables, which will complement the good taste and exceptional atmosphere of your homes in a natural way.